In Board of Directors’ meetings, we participate in the company’s management proactively and concretely, regardless of the current phase in which the companies are (early stage, maturity, restructuring), with particular attention to generational change situations, and in the definition of partnerships/shareholder agreements. We also assist companies and their stakeholders through corporate management control activities, applying best practices.

The experience gained in management and control bodies, in addition to the development of consulting activities, also allows us to offer companies services to support the right company decisions, providing our professional expertise in the following:

  • activities of the members of the Board of Directors
  • activities of the members of the Boards of Statutory Auditors
  • Chief Restructuring Officer activities
  • Drafting of Opinions pursuant to the law, aimed at supporting the activities of the administration, management and control bodies
  • Assistance in defining shareholder agreements and family agreements.